Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Football, football and more football

A nice response last week from facebook was an encouragement so here we are again, and I did say I felt like a bit of form was coming in the football too. Maybe I gave myself some belief to go and grab 2 goals at the weekend. According to the paper they were "2 tap ins", but they were both decent finishes from good run and crosses from the fastest man in football Phil Johnston.
Scoring is the best feeling in the world at any level, so it was good to get 2 and also an important win. We have a good squad and very strong starting 11, so we should be pushing for promotion, hopefully we can rectify what has been an average season by getting to the playoffs and winning promotion.
It was 2007 I last won a promotion with Queen's Park, and that was via the playoffs, so we will wait and see.
Elsewhere I obviously keep my eye on my old teams, and with the introduction of playoffs to the first division(Championship) it has kept my old teams Falkirk and QOS very much in the hunt for promotion chances. I really do wish those playoffs had been brought in 5 years ago. My teams finished top 4 in every season I played in that division, except one 5th place in 2008-09 with Queen of the South.
Falkirk had a great result at Dundee on Saturday to keep them in with a slim chance of 1st place, but a playoff spot is more likely and who knows what can happen there. It looks like Dundee and Hamilton will be battling it out till the end. I personally think Dundee will just steal it, but Jason Scotland is a great signing for Hamilton and could provide the firepower to get them over the line.

What is Happening at Man United?

Although the Premiership has been and still is very exciting at both ends, the main talking point has generally been the problems at Man United. David Moyes has found it very tough going and the team he inherited has let him down badly. He hasn't done himself many favours with signing of Fellaini, the slightly cautious tactics and team selection, but something has to change drastically in the summer to improve his team. It is so important to have a strong back 4, it is what Chelsea build there success on, and what Man City will have next year when they get somebody in beside Kompany, Zabaleta and Kolarov. Unfortunately for United, Ferdinand is past his best, so are Vidic and Evra. Plus Rafael isn't good enough defensively and Jones/Smalling aren't quite there yet. It is a tough transitional period, but Moyes needs to act in the summer transfer market.
Here is what I would do if I was him, and the team he could play next season;

Vidic is leaving along with Evra to go to Inter on free transfers, add Ferdinand to that so we need a new defense.
Nani, Young and Zaha all have hardly played this year. They can get good money for all 3. Zaha is an interesting one, but something must be seriously wrong with his training or attitude or something, because he hardly got any minutes, and then was loaned out. Nani hasn't had a good season for 3 or 4 years, and Young has been poor except his first 6 months at United.
RVP is picking up injuries and might be worth selling
Hernandez and Van Persie. Chicharito hasn't had many minutes, but he clearly doesn't fit into the system that Moyes plays, and he could get some good money for him since he is a goalscorer. He is a good striker, and if he leaves will score goals somewhere. Van Persie has not been near his best this year, as age and injuries are catching up with him. Somebody will still pay good money for him, but you need to have a top striker that is playing all season, and in my opinion anyway, Rooney can play that role and always shines when he is the main man upfront. Plus with Mata in behind Rooney, it gets the best out of both of them.

Luke Shaw looks like the potential England left back for many years
A full back four is needed in my opinion, and I would start with Seamus Coleman from Everton, and Luke Shaw from Southampton as my full backs.
They have experience in the league, many years ahead of them and both attack very well from full back. They are quick and can defend, and will improve.
I'd get Mats Hummels from Dortmund as my first centre back. He is 25, good on the ball, and very strong. He should be comfortable in the Premiership. I'd probably play Phil Jones beside him for his pace, and because he should improve, but I'd maybe try and get someone else. Steven Caulker might be available if Cardiff get relegated, so he could come in and improve the squad and add competition.
Hummels(left) and Gundogan(right) would be quality signings
In midfield it is important United get a good central midfielder, and at least one wide player in the Eden Hazard mould. Ilkay Gundogan was a standout for Dortmund in midfield last season, I would be desperate to get a player like him in there. With Mata playing in behind the striker and Kagawa as another option they don't need a number 10.
Wide options include Welbeck, Valencia and Januzaj so they need someone else. Iker Muniain at Athletic Bilbao is young and extremely talented. He is known as 'The Spanish Messi' and he would be a fantastic signing to play on the left wing. Welbeck could double up as a striker, but they would need someone as back up to Rooney, and potentially as a starter if the team is shuffled around. Mario Mandzukic is surely moving in the Summer since Lewandowski is coming to Bayern Munich, so he would be my choice.

Admittedly, this would cost a fortune, but with the sales of the other players, and the promised transfer budget that Moyes has, it is potentially possible. Ok, he won't go for all those players as I am probably talking nonsense. but if he did, this could be his team:
Potential team?

That team looks much stronger than what he has in my opinion, and with decent options on the bench would have to be doing better than this season.
Let me know what you think? What would you do?

Thanks for reading, next week, World Cup group A gets a run down, and whatever else pops into my head.

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